Biking Brigadier goes to London

Brigadier Richard Dennis OBE ADC, the Army’s Director of Infantry, is currently touring Infantry Regimental Headquarters on his motorbike to personally thank soldiers before he leaves command. He’s raising money for ABF The Soldiers’ Charity in the process. He writes here about his visit to the Parachute Regiment and then riding on to London to the Foot Guards – and a spectacular welcome –  on Thursday 7 October.

I visited the Regimental Headquarters (RHQ) of The Parachute Regiment yesterday, escorted by the Suffolk Police and friends to show thier support.

The weather turned out really well and the visit was a real insight in to the back bone of the RHQ of the Parachute Regiment, who deployed to Afghanistan this month. The RHQ will be supporting the boys and their families whilst they are deployed, which is vital to ensure they are successful on operations.

In London...

In London...

Later in the day I went south, to London, where the Metropolitan Police ensured my easy move through London, which will probably be the only time I don’t have any trafiic to consider! I was greeted by the Band of the Irish Guards and Queen’s Company of the First Battalion The Grenadier Guards. I did not expect such a welcome and I am sure the local tourists wondered what was happening as 10 bikers were greeted on the parade square!

Again, the battalions of the Foot Guards are supported by their RHQ and like all of the Infantry have deployed and will deploy to Afghanistan. ABF The Soldiers’ Charity have supported ourboys for many years and will continue to do so. Throughout the trip so far I have been so humbled by the amount of hard work that is undertaken by the RHQs and ABF, on which our boys rely on when they are serving away from home.

4 thoughts on “Biking Brigadier goes to London

  1. I have just finished producing a calendar in Support of Help 4 Heroes. The main pictures are motorcycles and all the ladies in the calendar are none models.

    They just wanted to show support to the heroes.

    Well done and thank you for all that you do.

    Fondest thoughts with you all


  2. Nothing springs immediately to mind to provoke a weekly dose of military humour, apart from it is good to see you wear your beret on that motorbike, whilst the Met. police are permitted to wear their turbans on theirs!

    Good to see all those immaculately well presented guardsmen have made a great personal effort in preparation for your visit – I do hope they weren’t messed about too much, and managed to at least salvage some spare sleeping and drinking time this week, alongside their busy overworked and underpaid schedules?

    Good military show anyway, keep up the great fundraising work! Well done!

    All the best,


    PS What’s this I hear about alcohol parcels being stopped getting through to the lads in Afghanistan – they are the ones that deserve a toast to our great nation, the most?


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