You won’t get shouted at… much!

Soldier under Training (SuT) Jamie Davies blogs again from the Army Training Centre, Pirbright. He writes about sustaining an injury during training and his nerves ahead of a weapons handling test.

SuT Jamie Davies

SuT Jamie Davies

I’m  now coming to the end of my third week at ATC Pirbright. I’m still really enjoying it, even though I sustained an injury at the start of this week during physical training (PT). The PT session which left me feeling slightly worse for wear was the endurance run.  It’s always a tough session when we go to the hilly, wooded area out at the back of Pirbright, but you always get to the end and feel really good for having completed it.  Some people are naturally faster than others, but it doesn’t matter if you’re the fastest or the slowest  – as long as you are giving 100% you won’t get shouted at…  much! When we go running all of the Troop Staff come along and encourage us. It’s reassuring to know that although they might not show it, they must be as tired as us deep down. Anyway, there’s a really good rehabilitation programme here and the Medical Centre staff are excellent. It only took a couple of days of physiotherapy to get me back on my feet and now I am feeling completely fine again. I was given some special shock-absorbing insoles and they seem to be doing the trick.

We have a really important test on Monday – the SA80 rifle weapons handling test on the SA80.  If I pass, it means I will be able to go on the ranges and fire live rounds.  We have had a lot of lessons in preparation for the test and so I feel confident that I will pass, but it’s always a bit nerve-wracking when you are tested in anything.

My fitness is really coming along now as well and I am excellent at drill. Well, I think I am… We do a lot of drill practice because there are lots of different steps to learn.  Everything is progressive though, and most people have picked up everything we’ve learned so far.

On Saturday we had Regimental Activities. I got to have a go on the climbing wall in the gym. It was loads of fun and something I’ve never tried before.  Sunday was spent completing personal admin for the new locker layout and practising for our weapons handling test.

Week four here I come!

12 thoughts on “You won’t get shouted at… much!

  1. well well i remember ATC Pirbright i was there in the falklands platoon i think Irish guards great bunch of lads and the staff was excellent. good luck jamie, hope everyhing is with you and hope you succeed in your SA80 training, and good luck to the whole plattoon your in.

    if you ever want a chat about things just contact me on facebook and i’ll happily except your friends request.

    good luck buddy.

    good luck to the armed forces that are over sees take it easy and you’ll be home soon.


  2. Well. . . . .Good luck on the Drill and all the other tests. Try and not get injured in week 11……….welll good luck really cus it aint that easy being there for 11 months…..or you could turn lucky and pass out.

    Oh and i am sickend to death with the Fifle Lessons lol. This is because in Sword Company you do the Lessons over a 100x’s……… :-@ boring! I am a civvy now. I’ve been MD’d and i still remember everything. I can fix the fifle and use it with my eyes closed probably. Lol.

    Good luck wishing you all the best on all your tests and Challenges. . . . . .and DON’T GET INJURED…….drink,eat and stretch plenty. Most of all keep on top of your admin bud bud.
    Don’t let the NCO’S, Officers and the PTI’s let you down. Keep smiling and stay possitive.


  3. Hi Jamie, if one is left handed how do you handle the SA80 is there a left hand SA80 rifle available?

    All the best on your training mate. And to all the lads and lasses.

    Good to hear its a bit hilly here as I myself is currently training for selection.

    Keep well and best of luck and all that! 🙂


  4. Climbing wall on Saturday of week 3 – what’s happening on week 4? All expenses paid trip to Alton Towers?

    Isn’t there any copper pipes in their ablutions, to be cleaning paint off and brasso’ing?


  5. Stay positive jamie a good read as usual keep them coming 🙂
    Our son started the same time as you but at winchester gives us a insite to what he is up
    Tim keep your comments to yourself , some people have a interest in what jamie is writing


  6. Hi mate, glad everything is going well for ya and the rest of the Platoon. You will be fine in the weapons test so don’t worry too much about it. You will love the ranges mate, it’s good craic out on them. Keep up the good work mate.
    I think Tim was having a bit of tongue in cheek humour lol.


  7. Good luck to you. Great to read this, my son started at Pirbright yesterday, so will know what he’s doing.

    Best wishes! X


  8. All the best jamie, my son is on week 9 or 10 sorry lost count now but doing very well, i think time has flown by with him and im sure it will with you so good luck with the rest of the training x


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