The Little Things in Life

Trooper Jonny Ritchie of The Royal Dragoon Guards writes about a busy week in PB2. They’ve not had much sleep but did find time for a little hairdressing!

A very busy week indeed for the Troop Leader’s group of Mastiffs working out of PB2.  The Troop Sergeant’s group is still based in MOB Price.  Well from the beginning we have been on the go with very little sleep working for sometimes up to 20 hours. But being professionals we have carried out all our tasks on time and still with a smile on our faces (most of time!)

The PB3 incident was sad news indeed but we will not let that affect the links we have with the ANA and ANP and move forward from this with our tasks leading to an eventual handover of control to the Afghan forces.

On a lighter note Cpl Stead has been posted out some wonderful Irish biscuits which all the lads enjoyed so thank you to his fiancé for the lovely treat.  Funniest moment of the week probably goes to our group in which during a brief we heard a loud bang, assuming it was incoming from the Taliban we made like jumping salmon for our body armour and cover to see two Gurkhas walking past telling us it was outgoing fire from our own guns!  Thanks to the artillery!

My skills from before my Army career were called for as well this week as I cut the Troop Leader’s hair, I like to name his new look a Toni and Guy special!  All the lads and myself look forward to handing over responsibility in PB2 and heading back to Price again to the luxury of aircon, cold water and fresh food, the little things in life eh?  Well that’s all from me for now, until next time.

4 thoughts on “The Little Things in Life

  1. receiving your Blog today made me realise that ‘the small things’ matter…such as running water; a long hot bath; the freedom to walk down a street without fear; chatting with strangers without looking over my shoulder; I do sometimes work in the security Sector here in Wales; But I also work as a First Aider at Events. I sometimes wish that we, ‘the public’ could give you more of the respect and support that you ALL DESERVE!! keep up the good work and most important of all KEEP SAFE!!! xx Dawn in Newport Gwent Wales xx


  2. Hi richie it’s trooper robinson who used to be in B squadron, glad to see you stuck it out and didn’t leave the regiment, I have been following the tour and my heart goes out to the lads who have lost there lives so far and all B squadron, miss all you guys and wish i had never left! hope you all get back safe and please could you pass a message onto trooper john laryea that i hope he is well and to get in touch on the email address below

    also if you send me your postal address i will post the squadron some goodies such as scoff, cd’s and films etc.


  3. jonny his my nephew and we are all proud of him just down his street this blogg he always wanted to be an actor but is very good at writing as well i worryabout him and my son wesley who is a combat engineer and hope they return home safe and think of all the mums and dads that have loss sons and daughters are thoughs are with them i have raised over £1000 so far for help the heros i just wish more people would gave keep safe


  4. how lucky we really are. It does make me realise how safe we are and the horrid job that all our soldiers are doing over there. take care mate and stay safe, come home in 1 piece.
    trace and Jamie are in Basel at present. did the last show last night. James got to Basel and his luggage is still circum navigating the planet (Somewhere) So mia and I got up to a little mischief. It’s all on facebook
    Mia and I are trying to keep the home fires burning, have run out of house’s though.
    Michelle G had a little boy 2 weeks ago. Jakob She has photos up if you have time to look. Dad has left his stamp on this little bloke.

    Take care mate and see you some time again. we as a band are going back to ed’s maybe 2012 or 13.


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