Big Love and Downtime

Trooper Jonny Ritchie from The Royal Dragoon Guards writes about another busy week in Afghanistan, but finds time for gaming and movie reviews!

Welcome back to another week – it’s been a mixture again of being very busy with a few breaks in between and some very bad news. I’m now driving ‘Big Love’ (Mastiff) for Cpl Chris Stead as Tpr Laryea is on R&R. Gunning is Cpl Raja – this must be a first for ‘Big Love’ having a Gurkha behind the gun. The Troop Leader’s group is still based in Camp Price with the Troop Sergeant’s group in PB2.

Well what was the bad news? Another dark day amongst the sunshine as we found out earlier in the week from the RSM that Tpr James Leverett was killed. My thoughts and prayers and from rest of the lads in 3rd Troop go to his family and friends back home, fare thee well James…

Mastiffs on patrol

Mastiffs on patrol

We had the RSM staying with us earlier in the week for a couple of days, great to have him with us as we were able to get information about all the lads in the other Squadrons and what they’re up to (not that we’re nosey). On down time this week I have been unable to change my Mario Kart race times so LCpl Lawton and Tpr Edwards are looking unbeatable!

Midweek we had a really long day indeed. We started at 0400 hrs and travelled round the AO (area of operation) and didn’t get finished til midnight. Beds were definitely the first point of contact for some of the more ‘mature’ members of the troop (definitely not old; mature will suffice). Some of the younger members of the Troop like Tpr Hirst and Tpr Foote hit the internet on our return – I don’t know how they do it, I like my bed too much! On our downtime lads have been sorting admin, playing games and exchanging movies. From the ones that I’ve watched I most definitely recommend Sherlock Holmes, Daybreakers and Ninja Assassin. Ones to avoid though are Year One, Gamer and Shooter. Who would have thought you would be getting film reviews, I really outdo myself sometimes!