Sport in Afghanistan – cricket, volleyball and following the election!

Signaller Chris Boulton

Signaller Chris Boulton

Signaller Chris Boulton is with 204 Signal Squadron, Main Troop, based in Lashkar Gah, for his six-month tour on Operation HERRICK 12. Here he writes about volleyball, cricket and his duties in Afghanistan.

The past couple of weeks have been pretty hectic for Main Troop, because with a new Brigade comes new ideas.  Our normal routine duties have been to provide communications for the Brigade staff and supply personnel for guard duties in the sangars and on the front gate.

Both the day and night shift have also grafted to get the Operations room moved, cleaned up, rearranged, re-cabled and set back up again within a 24-hour period.  It all went without a hitch and couldn’t have been done without the excellent teamwork between the communication systems engineers and operators.

One of the highlights of the week had to be the launch of the Lashkar Gah Volleyball Ladder.  Organised by Lance Corporal Bird, it is currently made up of 15 teams from different departments around the Main Operating Base.  With two teams being submitted by Main Troop we should see some interesting matches in the future to say the least.

The main topics of conversation this week were who would win the general election, Twenty20 cricket and the ash cloud causing havoc over Europe.