The sweets are getting through!

Sergeant Taz Taylor, on attachment to 34 Field Hospital (34 Fd Hosp), writes about his role on Operation HERRICK 12.

We are always on the go. We even read emails standing up!

We are always on the go. We even read emails standing up!

My name is Taz Taylor. I have been assigned to 34 Field Hospital since December 2008 and I am currently deployed on Operation HERRICK 12 for a six-month tour.  I’m employed in the Medical and Dental Servicing Section (MDSS) and we have a total of three technicians who have been brought together in order to deliver the required equipment support.  One of my colleagues is an RAF MDSS technician, and also working along side us is an American Biomedical Equipment Technician.  Our main job is the maintenance of over 2500 electro-medical equipment items held by the UK troops in Afghanistan.

We have all been out here for just over a month and are fully acclimatised and getting in to the swing of things.  Work at the moment is routine servicing, but we have had the odd ‘tricky’ fault to contend with.

Morale in the section is currently very high especially now the mail is getting through, thanks to British airspace being fully open. In other words – the sweets are getting through!  Next week I’ll give you an insight into the rest of the team, where they’re from etc…