Happy Birthday to me!

Corporal Claire Moses of 34 Field Hospital (34 Fd Hosp) writes about her week at Bastion Hospital.

Day 35 in Camp Bastion.

Only 840 hours or 50,400 minutes since arriving, but the big question is how long do we have left? Nobody has worked it out yet.

Highlight of the week: Receiving 8 parcels in one day (Thanks to my Moomin, Margarita Prakatan and Winnie).

Not as good as home but at least there was a cake and a present

Not as good as home but at least there was a cake and a present

So what’s been happening this week?  Well, The A Team is still going strong, however rumour has it that we’re losing our American colleagues who are off to pastures new.  They will be missed and Matt (our eye candy for the tour) has promised a picture in hot pants for the girls before he departs.  It gets busier every day on the ward especially now that  Evans has found her audit file!  We are faced with new challenges every day.

We had our first birthday on tour this week. Unfortunately it was mine and I am starting to feel my age.

But who says you can’t make the most of it on tour? We celebrated by getting up, having a shower, a deluxe meal in the cookhouse, off to work for a 12 hour nightshift and a piece of cake!  Thanks to all the guys and girls on the team for making it so special.

I can’t contain myself that our t-shirt design for the tour is nearly completed. I should have it by end of the tour!