Working with the Afghan National Police

Captain Philip Kaye of the King’s Royal Hussars (attached to 1st Battalion The Royal Gurkha Rifles) describes the good relations with the Afghan National Policemen he is advising in Afghanistan.

Captain Philip Kaye

Captain Philip Kaye

I’m Captain Philip Kaye from the King’s Royal Hussars, attached to 1st Battalion the Royal Gurkha Rifles, on Operation HERRICK 12.

I am currently deployed in the Nahr-E-Saraj District of Helmand Province, and am acting as a Liaison Officer to the Afghan National Police (ANP).  There are three Police commanders within our Area of Operations (AO) and approximately 160 policemen.  I have a 14-man Police Mentoring Team  to help train and partner them on  ground patrolling and deliberate operations. Our main focus is to raise the  standard of the ANP in each checkpoint, and to support them in their struggle against the insurgents. Concurrently I will be looking into the overall police command structure and trying to resolve their kit and equipment shortages.

The ANP are a fantastic group to work with. They are extremely passionate in their struggle against the insurgency, and recognise all that we are trying to do for them. Sadly, many policeman have lost relatives and been brutally intimidated by the Taliban.  By serving in the police they are legitimately able to help protect their communities and work towards their goal of defeating the Taliban and supporting their government.  After thirty years of war many of the men recognise that Afghanistan now has a real opportunity to move forward and break out of its extremist shackles. We are working hard to support them with our tactical knowledge and kit and equipment. The last month has been extremely rewarding and it looks set to be an exciting summer.