Afghanistan: “Runner Up” destination

Corporal Simon Leigh of 12 Logistic Support Regiment (12 LSR) describes how hard it is to leave home to go to Afghanistan.

9 March 2010: Sitting in RAF Brize Norton trying to get the internet to work. Really hate airports. I just started to fall asleep when there’s a familiar shout: “All those boarding flight RR4405 to the ‘Runner Up’ destination called Afghanistan, please have your boarding cards ready.” I said goodbye to the wife on Facebook and realised this was where it all begins!

Sometimes I wonder why I bother doing this?  Then I remember 9/11 and 7/7 and I realise it’s my duty to help prevent these tragedies happening again.  My main role as a Driver in 12 Close Support Logistic Regiment (CSLR), Royal Logistic Corps (RLC) is to provide real life support to the brave frontline soldiers of the British Army and other coalition forces.

Throughout this blog I will try to paint a picture of life as a soldier within 12 CSLR on Operation HERRICK 12.